Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My house smells like banana bread

Okay peeps. A couple things.

1. My semester's gonna be busy. Don't be surprised if at some random point in the semester I go several days without posting.

2. I just received my Banana Nut Bread candle that I won from Vanilla and Lime's most recent contest... and it smells So. Stinkin. Good. I might just buy all my candles from Calico Creations from now on!

3. This blog is going to start becoming rather theatre-based. I have some interesting classes for my Theatre Education major this semester, and so there will be some interesting stories and pictures. You will probably get to see me with a legit beard. (Fake, of course). Just warning you now.

4. Go check out my guest post at Something Brought You Here. It's just a little get-to-know-you gig, but you should still read it! Okay? Thanks.

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  1. WHY did I never think to invent/invest in banana bread candles. That is seriously my favorite baking sent ever! Such a good idea! good luck with this new semester girly! Hang it there!

    xo, Emily

  2. I'm definitely looking forward to that beard post. You should include a tutorial. (hint, hint)

    Anyway, new follower from Follower to Friends Blog Hop. Looking to see you around.

    All My Love for All My Days

  3. Yayyyy so glad you love your candle. Calico candles are amazing, seriously, I have baked apple pie going in my oil burner now it smells insane. - Sam