Friday, August 24, 2012

Re-discovering my college spirit

I decided to be a Y-Group Leader for New Student Orientation again this year.
There's something fun about helping the freshmen get to know the campus.
We still have more activities tonight and tomorrow evening!
Busy, busy!

Being a YGL is amazing.
You make friends.
People look up to you.
You get to give campus tours (and I LOVE doing those).
We got super cool free T-shirts.
And it's all volunteer work.

And... most importantly for me... I once again feel the enthusiasm that I felt when I first stepped onto this campus as a freshman BYU Cougar 2 years ago.

There's something different about this place.
That's what so many people before me have said.

There's something about walking along these sidewalks.

Something about the buildings.

Something about the spirit. The enthusiasm.
The people. The honesty. How everyone looks so clean cut, wholesome and modest.

Something about the beauty and the nature.

I love this campus with all my heart. I love the environment. I love the standards which the University upholds, and which the people who come here agree to live by.

That's why I help with NSO. I get to remember these great things all over again, as if it were my first year.
I feel renewed gratefulness for the chance I have to be at a campus like this.
Thankfulness for the chance I have to get an education.
Appreciation for all my fellow students who make this campus so great.
Love for my God, who created this earth and made it possible for me to be here.
I love it all.

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  1. Lucky girl, it's absolutely beautiful!

  2. the campus is beautiful, i can see the love for it. those mountains in the background =)

  3. So much fun! Utah is so beautiful!! I really love it there!! Found you from the blog hop! Have a great weekend!

  4. gorgeous campus!

    Happy Saturday! have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  5. what a great place! really beautiful. I would kill for such a campus!


  6. I love it! I'm glad you could be a NSO leader, I have always wanted to do that. I feel lucky to be going to school here!

  7. Such gorgeous inspiration pictures!
    I'm Your New Follower,Hoping That you Will FOLLOW too.
    I'll wait you on my blog dear.Have a Nice Day ♥

    Blow A Rainbow

  8. Those pics are gorgeous. I had a scholarship there once...decided not to go to BYU but everyone I know that goes there loves it!

  9. What a gorgeous campus! Thanks for following and linking up to the Weekend Blog Walk. Following you... :)

    Jessica @ At Home Take 2

  10. I'm glad you linked up with the Weekend Blog Walk and left me a comment! I don't know if I can follow you back, though, 'cause I went to UVU. Ha ha! Jk. Have a wonderful new school year !:)