Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wigs and cupcake cravings

Before I get to my main post, I would just like to say...
I'm really craving these red velvet cupcakes from The Cocoa Bean.
Totes getting this type next time I go.
What can I say... I like chocolate-dipped strawberries!
                                                                              Source: via The Cocoa Bean on Pinterest

We were working with wigs in my Makeup class today.
I was super disappointed when I found out we wouldn't be putting them on our own heads...
And then I saw how gross the wigs looked.
So I'm okay with it.

This is called an "Esmeralda" head.
Isn't she gorgeous? Haha. Ha.
Oh, the lovely pictures I can take with my phone... (cue the eye-roll)

And here is what she looks like with her wig on!
It was a real process, getting that thing on her head.
I had to put parts of her hair in pin-curls, parts of it in French Braids, put a wig cap on... etc...
And the wig ended up being too big for her head. Wonderful.

It was nice and secure though.
You could yank on that wig and it wouldn't come off.
So... need a legit wig put on your head?
I can take care of that.
Haha... ha...

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  1. Nom nom nom!!! Those cupcakes look delish. Ha, that's right girl! You show that head she's wearing that wig! :) I'm stopping by from the BlogLoving hop but I'm following with google. Have a great Thursday!

  2. those cupcakes look to die for!

    Have a fabulous Thursday! Drop by and say hello! :)

  3. Hi there! Following from the GFC Hop. I love chocolate covered strawberries. I find any excuse to make them, haha, but they look divine on those cupcakes. And the wig makes the head look like Paula Deen! Haha. :) Hope you have a great night! -Mia

  4. found your blog on the "GFC hop"

    ughh the joys of Cosmo school, it was fun while it lasted but I do not miss it, especially braids, for some reason I just COULD not grasp the braiding part!

    I am your newest follower:)

  5. beautiful blog. Thank you for following my blog. Newest follower.