Sunday, September 16, 2012


I went rappelling for the first time this weekend.
Yep. The first time.

I enjoyed it! The climb up to the spot was more strenuous on my nerves than the rappelling was...

I was just wearing flip-flops.
Yeah... I wasn't expecting my husband to insist that I try it.
I just figured we'd take a little walk in the canyon and I'd watch him climb around a bit.

I'm not gonna lie... I just took the shoes off after a while. They got annoying.
It's a good thing I have tough feet!
Climbing is easier without flip-flops.

Here I am, all hooked up and ready to go!

This was the view from the ledge we climbed up to :)
Taken with my phone's camera... and you know how great those phone cameras are...

And there I go! Doug admits that I picked it up faster than he expected me to.

He probably thought it would take me a while because of my issues doing the leap of faith the other day.
I've discovered that rappelling doesn't freak me out as much as leaping into nothing does.
And we were up higher for rappelling than we were for the leap of faith.

Taking that leap out of the plane when we go skydiving is going to be interesting. I still have a good 3/4 of a year to mentally build myself up for that though :)

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  1. That looks so fun! Glad you were able to do it, I don't think I could lol!

  2. Rapelling in flip flops! Hahaha you go girl!


  3. That's so awesome that you went rapelling. Beautiful scenery!

    I enlisted my husband to get skydiving with me next year. I'm pretty much freaking out already. haha. ;)

    New follower here!


  4. Stopping by to say hi from the Blog hope!!

    Your blog is too cute !! It looks like you had lots of fun!!

    Have a happy Thursday!!

  5. Found you on GFC Blog Hop. What a great experience it must have been. I went rock climbing once many years ago and really enjoyed it, well that is till I fell (blushing) I had really wanted to Rappell but never made it that far. Anywhoo really enjoyed your blog and am now following. :)