Friday, September 21, 2012

When doors make me feel like a giant...

There are some buildings on my college campus that I have still never entered, and up until yesterday the Brimhall Building - home of the school news/reporting headquarters - was one of them.

It just so happened that the Hubs and I got interviewed for an article and they needed a picture of us. As we were leaving the building, I came across this:

Such a tiny door!
Doesn't it make me look huge??!?
I don't know what it was for. It was locked. But it has a number plaque next to it, just like any normal classroom. I can only imagine... what do you think it's for?

On another note... how many tops can you get spinning at once in a tiny space?

They just kept bumping into each other... otherwise we could have done more, no problem!

And this is what happens when you make cookie dough and sit down with your husband to re-watch Once Upon A Time episodes:

We haven't made a single cookie. The dough itself is just too good!
Besides, I ran out of chocolate chips. You can't make chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips, so you might as well just eat the dough!

As you can tell, my mind is a bit random today.
It's ready for the weekend.
Hooray for Friday!

P.S. See how I'm almost at 200 GFC followers? Yeah. I'm thinking that once I hit that mark, it's giveaway time. Another hooray for my first giveaway!

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  1. i love it that u never made cookies. i had to follow your blog based on that alone!

  2. I like random-ish posts. You can really get to know someone that way ;) Cookie dough on its own is the best way to eat it. I'm your newest follower from the Local Sugar hop :)


  3. Hi! Following you, follow me back if you would like.
    I like the photo of you with the door.

    Patricia from

  4. Love the picture with the tiny door! being 5'2" I rarely find anything that makes me look tall.

  5. Love that you ate all the cookie dough! I'm so guna to that one day.

    Found you from the Friday Chaos blog hop, now your newest follower!

    Have a look at my blog and follow if you like it!


  6. I tried to make chocolate chip cookies tonight and they didn't turn out right so I just ate the rest of the dough! haha problem solved.
    New follower from Friday chaos

  7. the tiny door is hilarious! Lovely blog, found you via the blog hop x

  8. How tall are you? (Hopefully you don't mind me asking) LOL Just trying to put door and you into perspective because at the moment I'm thinking your 7ft tall lol.

    Thank you so much for linking up on the I Love my Post hop - I hope to see you again next week.

    Sarah x

  9. I love Once Upon a Time and cookie dough!

  10. Love this post, it really made me laugh!

    You are at 199 followers now :) I'm now following you and found your blog through life in a breakdowns blog hop, would love it if you had a few mins to check out my blog too

  11. I have such a hard time making cookies for that same reason! Um and that door really is so tiny! Haha it reminds me of some of the doors in the North End in Boston. You wonder how people live there - coming and going through such tiny doors!

  12. HOW SMALL IS THAT DOOR? or how tall are you really? lol! Stopping by from the Friday Chaos Bloghop! I'm one of the co-hosts this week and now your newest follower! Thanks so much for linking up! If you get the chance, we'd love you to stop by the blog and follow back :) Thanks,
    Vikki xxx

  13. That is one petite door. Weren’t you curious as to what was inside? I know I would be. :D Hmm. Maybe the room is not necessarily for people, hence the small door. Maybe it’s like a small stockroom where employees hide some of the important stuff. What do you think?

    Rolf Matchen

    1. Oh, it's definitely not for people. I just think it's funny that it's placed in the middle of a building with a bunch of classrooms and it has a room number plaque next to it. It's most likely a stock room.