Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Awkward Moment...

Right now, I'm helping with technical aspects of the production "Hello, Dolly!" that Springville High School is putting together. We had a 7 hour set-building party on Saturday, and I had an amusing experience during the course of the day.

The theatre teacher at Springville - Mrs. McKinnon - recently had a baby. Since she is unable to be at school, there is a guy named Christian Cragun subbing for her. He recently graduated from the BYU Theatre Education program, so he is not too much older than me.

Now... on to the amusing story.

I was just going around and doing my thing, when one of the high school boys called out, "Hey! BYU girl!"
I have a name you know... but I turned around and gave him a questioning smile.

Kid: "Do you like Mr. Cragun?"
Me: "Who?"
It took me a moment to realize the kid was talking about Christian... because I only call him Christian, not Mr. Cragun.

Me: "Oh, you mean Christian?"
Kid: "Is that his name? So you guys are on a first-name basis, eh?"
Me: "Well, yeah, since we're kinda close in age and we're colleagues..."
Kid: "Yeah. So are you guys, like, dating?"

At this point, I stuck my left hand up in front of his face and wiggled my fourth finger, showing off the gleaming silver ring that encompassed it.

Me: "I'm married."

The poor kid was so embarrassed. He said something along the lines of, "OOOOH, forget that I said that..." and immediately walked away without a second glance. He avoided any eye contact with me for the rest of the day.

Obviously, he has never learned how to do the "ring check". I suppose that's a trick you don't need to know when you're in high school anyways.

I can't help singing the Julian Smith "another awkward moment" jingle in my head when I think about it.

I kind of wish that I had waited a little longer to reveal that I was married. It would have made the story more entertaining to tell... but it undoubtedly would have embarrassed the kid even more.
It was probably good to let him know quickly and get it over with.
Sorry, kid.
Oh, the wonderful moments I have with high school students... and it will only escalate once I actually start teaching.

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  1. Haha I'm sure the sub mentioned something about you :P


  2. Ha! I couldn't imagine being that kid, though could imagine how embarrassed he was!

  3. That is too funny! Poor kid. I bet he'll definitely do the ring check from now on. ;)