Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catching a glimpse

I was perusing some Facebook photos, and came across these pictures of my sisters that had been taken (courtesy of Tim Przybyla) at a church Halloween party.

Jenna and her ladybug costume:
(Oh... and the beautiful temple in the background is where Doug and I got married!)

Carissa is the one on the left. (Yeah... the one NOT in costume. Tsk tsk...)

I'm startled to see how much she's changed since I last saw her 5 months ago. She looks older... and different... it reminds me of how I felt when I came back home after my first semester of college and found that my brother Ryan had grown several inches and was considerably taller than me.

It makes me miss my family.
Less than two months until Christmas... and we're planning on spending Christmas in Fresno, so I'll see them then!

Jenna will be turning 8 in less than a month. I want so badly to be there for her baptism... but there's no way I could be there with school and travel expenses.

My little sister is growing up without me... and I can only catch glimpses through pictures.

*Update... I will be there for her baptism! She's willing to wait a while until we come to Fresno! Happy day!
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  1. Adorable blog! I found you via Whitney at Something Brought You Here. I love that you love horses, too! xox

    Brani Laine

  2. Isn't it so hard to be away from family?? I hate it! All my nieces and nephews are growing up like crazy, without me! I keep telling them to stop growing but they wont hahah Thank goodness for the holidays!


  3. Hey, caught your comment on my guest post!
    annnd now I'm following you.

    also, I love the lady bug laughing picture.
    so adorable. :)

  4. Haha aw, love the pictures!

    Found you through me + the moon's Friday hop!