Monday, October 1, 2012

Celebrating October, HP style!

October is my favorite month EVER!!!!!
I have a full 31 days to go googly-eyed over this month, and there are plenty of fall things to post about... but I figured we may as well start this month out right and make the first day Potter-related!
Yes. I'm a ginormous Potter-head.
Aren't we all, though?
Maybe not. But there was no way I was going to miss out on this Potter link-up that Ashley from "Simply, Ashley" put together! We Ashleys are just cool like that.

Anyways... here are my answers to the link-up questions on Ashley's blog!

1. Your favorite of the 7 books?
This is truly hard to answer. The first book is definitely the one I have read the most. There's just something wonderful about going back to the beginning where the magic all began. However, Deathly Hallows was great. It was so different, since most of it did not take place at Hogwarts, but that was almost like a breath of fresh air. Plus, I just loved hearing Snape's back story.

2. Your favorite of the films?
Uuuummm... I honestly really liked the 8th film. Sure, there were things about it that I would have liked to be done differently, but it was the film I was most excited to see. I like the fifth one almost just as much... and I love the humor in the sixth. Aaaah, why is it so hard to choose?!

3. Which, if any, of the films made you angry for not staying true to the book?
There was no particular film that I'm angry about. I just get frustrated that various scenes in all of the movies were either changed or left out... for example, I did not like the scene that they added in the sixth movie of the Weasley's house being attacked. Dumb.

4. Your least favorite female character and why?
Everyone seems to hate Umbridge, and I agree that she is an awful old hag, but I love the dynamic that her character brings to the stories. It's a love-hate sort of relationship. Even though I hate her, I would never want to change her character into someone else. You can't have the Harry Potter story without Umbridge and her porcelain kitty plates.

5.Your favorite male character and why?
Snape, hands down. I love his whole story line, and his love for Lily is basically one of the foundations of the whole plot! Plus... as far as the movies go... I just love Alan Rickman.

6. What house would you LIKE to be in? Now be realistic... which would the Sorting Hat put you in?
I've almost always been a Ravenclaw girl. I was Head of Ravenclaw House in my Harry Potter Club in high school. And, sure enough... every sorting hat test that I have ever taken has put me in Ravenclaw. Even the Pottermore test put me in Ravenclaw. There's no question about it... Blue and Bronze is where it's at!

7. Which subject would be your favorite at Hogwarts?
I've always wanted to learn charms. Those spells seem like the most entertaining and the most useful for everyday matters. Potions would be so interesting to learn though...

Now, let me share some HP love with you!

So true.

This is totally me.

Marauders :)

Hmmm... sounds logical to me!

Hipster Snape.

Ashley posted this one on her blog, but I love it, so I'm posting it too :)

Alright, I'll stop drowning you guys with all my nerdy Harry Potter obsessions now.
Happy Fall, everyone!

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  1. Here from the linkup! Snape is such a great character! He's up there in the top of my favorite HP characters for sure. I always believed in him!

    Umbridge! She is an awesome example of a great character. She was written so well, had such a strong personality. And because she was done so brilliantly, we all can't help but to just HATE her. :)

  2. Haha this is too funny. You know, I lovethe movies but couldn't ever get through the books?

    1. Really? I devoured those books like they were chocolate! I love them more than the movies, but the movies are great too. Just in a different way.

  3. I love how Harry Potter created a whole new world for us. It's so smartly and creatively done. I shall never forget the last moment with Snape. Such a lovely but sad love story :)

  4. I love Alan Rickman, and this quote makes me love him even more. Whenever I see him in movies like Love, Actually, I still see Snape.