Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just die already!

During the past month, my computer has randomly shut down on me at least 4 times due to a "system error". It's a problem that's only started this past month, and so it makes me wonder if my computer is getting a little worn down. It's an old, thick dinosaur, after all. No webcam, several inches thick, and no port through which I could hook it up to a tv or anything. It's noisy and takes a while to start up. It has some weird thumb-scanner that I don't know how to activate. I think you can use it in place of having a password.

BYU was doing a Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptop demo (Acer Aspire) this past week, and my husband went to check it out. I got a text from him saying that if my computer dies, we'll probably get me one of those.

Suddenly, I really want my computer to die.

Knowing my luck though, it will keep living for another couple years.
I keep thinking of ways it could "accidentally" die.
Such as dropping it.
Or throwing something at the screen and saying that I was aiming for the couch.
Or taking a torch to it and claiming that it just spontaneously burst into flame.

Oh well. It's been a faithful computer to me the past couple of years. It has a big screen, which is great for watching movies or shows, and the volume turns up louder than other computers. It's also really sturdy (which is why it probably won't die for a while... the thing is like a tank!)

And no, I would not consider a Mac. Sorry Apple fans, but PCs are the way to go. Microsoft FTW.

Meh. I'll just hunker down and wait until my laptop's life is over. Even if it takes a little longer than I would like it to.

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  1. Be careful what you wish for Ashley - it happened to me and I discovered that my back up practices weren't good enough and I lost some stuff forever. I now back up pretty often - at least once a day - all documents, photos etc. Hope you are backing up well now too - especially if your pc is starting to throw wobblies! Cheers

    1. I've already backed up all of my pictures! Most of my documents are former homework projects that I have hard copies of, and I'm now putting a lot of documents online so I can access them from any computer! I've got this covered! :)

  2. I HATE when my laptop dies. Seems like they last two years, three at the most. And I'm so awful at backing things up.

    Hubby's a Mac fan in this house (SWEARS by them) and I like my Windows. :) Visiting you again from the Sunday hop. :)

  3. I just use my iPad instead of a laptop, it works. My brother is the death to all computers. He's broken two of my dad's laptops, 1 of my mom's, his own, 2 of his own iPod touches, a phone through the washing machine (twice), so you can just send him your computer for the weekend :)


    1. hahaHA, that's so funny! I should totally just let him destroy my laptop for me... :p

  4. ugh computers: love em and hate em!! Found you through the Sunday Sync!
    Helene in Between

  5. LOL Oh no! That bursting into flames picture scares me! I'm in need of a new computer soon, too.. hopefully I will get one this holiday season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us!

    Found you through the weekend blog walk!

    7Jaded blog

  6. new[est] follower. loving this post and your blog! can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!