Saturday, January 12, 2013

When Temperatures Drop

Dear Provo,

I do not like it when the temperature drops below 0 degrees. However, I love love love all the pretty snow. Is there any way that we can compromise? I don't like having my nose turn as red as Rudolph's and my cheeks get all numb, but I love living in a winter wonderland. Dilemma.

As long as I have my fuzzy warm winter clothes and a full stock of hot chocolate, then I guess I can survive. Besides... it's too much fun trying to push my husband in the snow to really care about the temperature. (And when I say "trying" I mean pushing him and then having him grab me and push me instead. Sometimes I can pull him down with me though! But not always...) Oh, and I must say that I love listening to the bell tower in the evenings. Those chimes + snow + hubby = happiness! Thank you BYU for having so many people who are awesome at music!

So, Provo, I guess we're at a cease-fire for now. Since it's the weekend, I'm fine with the cold because I can stay inside where it's warm. But... once Monday comes again, make sure to save all the cold wind and heavy snow for when I'm inside. Not when I'm walking to school. Okay? Thanks!

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