Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sorry, February!

So. What does a college girl get up to during the 4 weeks in which she doesn't post anything on her blog?


She climbs on ropes courses

She eats lots of ice cream

She channels her inner "Katniss"

She has a marvelous Valentines Day with her husband. Take-home Cafe Rio, chocolate, sparkling cider in stemware glasses, candlelight... the whole shebang.

And her teachers bring treats to class

She teaches sound design to theatre tech classes.

She goes to bachelorette parties and bridal showers.

She goes shooting over the 3 day weekend...

 photo 7e7705cd-cf3a-43ea-80ef-47cff41635b8_zps9f6bf2e7.jpg

And shoots a soda bottle

Off of that cliff

From all the way over there

 photo 3029e10d-5d94-481d-a100-e4aae68fe993_zps2ab0fbad.jpg

And does a random photo shoot. With the guns.

Those things, combined with classes, homework, play rehearsals, caramel apples, snowy weather, dance competitions, and a 6-pound bag of gummy bears = one busy girl.

I'm so sorry February. I'll try to post again before Friday so that I have at least two posts this month.

This is the worst I've ever been at blogging since I started my blog over a year ago! Goodness...

And this post totally makes me look like a weapon-using dork. I promise, I don't pick up weapons on a regular basis! February just ended up being one of those months...

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  1. Your stalkers (include myself) miss you! hope you post more soon ~ interesting four weeks btw! ivanadokatnisstoo!

    lots of lovin'