Sunday, March 3, 2013

Food can be Happiness

I love food. And frankly... who doesn't like food?! This week was filled with some tasty treats! Here were some of my favorites (just because I want to make your mouth water).

If you haven't seen past posts, then you might not be aware that I am a big fan of The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe here in Provo. It's made a couple of appearances on my blog before, and there have been some visits that I never posted on my blog. In any case, I won a free date night special, and so I took the hubby with me. It was his first time going, and we got identical orders.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes and Mexican Hot Chocolate.
I need to play around in the kitchen and come up with a recipe that mimics these. Because they're good.

Yes, the frosting is peanut butter flavored. It is really rich, let me tell ya!
The Mexican Hot Chocolate is delicious too. This wouldn't be the first time I've ordered it!

The hubby's birthday is coming up, and so we got his birthday deal for Tucanos Brazilian Grill in the mail this week. Tucanos = an all-you-can-eat Brazilian buffet with endless rounds of meat skewers. I was stuffed.

We sat down to eat at about 3:20... and we couldn't eat anything else for the rest of the day. Except a couple cookies later that evening when we went to a friend's apartment. But other than that, we were stuffed.

On another note, I like my grey bubble necklace too much. Wearing it twice in one blog post?!
What can I say... it's cute.

And, of course, we did our weekly homemade pizza tradition tonight.
Pizza. It never gets old.

Is your mouth watering yet?

I should post the recipe for this pizza too...

I just want to go back to Tucanos. Thankfully, my birthday is in one month and we can go again when I get my coupon. Until then, though, our homemade pizza will keep me satisfied.

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  1. I am a sucker for cupcakes! You're making this pregnant mama drool!

  2. Hey! This looks so fun! I am going to try and get my blog out there in the near future, will you follow me and give me some tips?? :)