Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book Collecting

I had long forgotten about the fact that Barnes & Nobles has "Collector's Edition" books. That is... until I made the fateful decision to walk in that store on Friday evening.

When I emerged from the book aisles an hour later, I had this beautiful specimen in my hands and a newly-realized ambition to create a home library filled with Collector's Edition novels.

My camera doesn't do it justice, I promise. This little beauty is more gorgeous in person.

Yes. Yes, it took me a whole hour to decide on one book. I was going back and forth between the Sherlock Holmes collection or getting Anne of Green Gables and The Secret Garden. I had to keep reminding myself that I already have copies of those two books... but these were Collector's Edition.... gah!

Now I know what I can tell people to get me for Christmas and my birthday. Whoo, books!

It was so satisfying to stick that Sherlock Holmes collection right next to my other Collector's Edition book - Jane Austen's novels, of course - and envision the day when the whole shelf would be covered in pretty novels with embossed covers and gold-leaf pages.

Book collecting. I can add this to my bucket list now.

And check this out! Collector's Edition, gold-leafed, beautiful, gorgeous Harry Potter novels. I'm gonna die. Really. It's too bad that this one book is 55 buckaroos. I'd have to dish out $400 for the whole collection. Not gonna happen.

In other news, I've spent my Saturday and Sunday watching General Conference. I watch it every April and October, and I always look forward to it. You still have a chance to tune in for the Sunday afternoon session! It starts at 2:00 MST... I'd recommend checking it out, especially if you've been wondering what Mormons are all about.

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  1. So pretty! Isn't it amazing how beautiful books can be?!