Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Potter Nostalgia

The first time I read Harry Potter was during the month of March in 6th grade. Now when March comes around each year, I get random urges to go read the books again, particularly the first book because that's where the magic all started. For the past month, I've been yearning to re-read the series for the zillionth time, but I had to tell myself to resist. Too much homework, plus work, plus rehearsals, plus who knows what else...

Today I picked the first book up. Flipped through it. Suddenly, I wanted to be a young girl again so that I could re-experience the magic of reading those books for the first time. I wanted to feel the anticipation of waiting for the next book to come out; theorizing with my friends about what might happen in the next book, buying it as soon as it hit the shelves, and reading all day. Unable to put it down. Flipping out as the plot progressed and more twists and turns were thrown in.

Yes. Yes, I'm a Potterhead. If you couldn't tell.

Thank you so much, JKR. This series is just... so... magical. I am so glad that I grew up as part of the Potter Generation. It was such a great time to be a teen.

By the way... the Stage Manager of the play that I'm working on right now has a custom-made sweater with the following words on the back of it:

HP Generation 2

It has images to go along with the words, and at the bottom of the sweater are the words "All was well".

I want that sweater.

You guys, I'm feeling huge waves of nostalgia. No joke. Ohmygoodness, I love being able to say I am the Harry Potter generation. Yes. My mind is decided. I'm going to go start reading the first book all over again. There are only two weeks of classes left anyways...

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  1. God I love those books. Ms Rowling is an absolute saint for writing them!

    Have you seen A Very Potter Musical? If you haven't, go to Youtube and search for it. Make sure you've got a couple of hours free. You definitely won't regret it!

    1. Of COURSE I've seen AVPM! And the sequel! The sequel's fairly funny, but I like the original much better. I even have the soundtrack and used to listen to it on repeat in the car. True story.