Sunday, May 5, 2013

The food, the weddings, the dancing... and stuff

Wonderful weather
Picnics with perfect-looking "traditional" sandwiches
Birthday crepe dates with my favorite blonde roommate
Weddings for another roommate and a Theatre buddy of mine
Finding out my winter semester grades (10 A's and 1 A minus. Take that, 11 classes!!!!)
Starting a new term
18 hours of dance per week (and that's not counting practicing outside of class)
Daily 3-hour Seussical rehearsals
5 hour Wrinkle In Time rehearsals every other day
Stocking up on Nutella
Eating WAY too much ice cream
My brother coming to stay with us for a night
(And then getting his mission call... West Virginia, baby!)
My father-in-law coming to visit
And treating us to a Japanese Grill and Tucanos
And taking us to see Jurassic Park in 3D (which was awesome)

Between all of those things (and more)
It's been a crazy few weeks.
No wonder I have not been giving my blog any attention.

Not to mention I watched the first 2 seasons of Downton Abbey during my less-than-one-week break between winter semester and spring term, and I'm very annoyed with Amazon for buying the rights to the show so I can't watch season 3 on Netflix or Hulu Plus. (I may or may not have stayed up until 2 in the morning watching episodes back-to-back. No, I do not have a problem.)

It's been a good couple weeks, though, even though they've been crazy busy.

BBQ Chicken and French Kiss Gourmet Crepes 

Right in my backyard.

Sunday naps? Wonderful.
Outdoor Sunday naps right after a picnic? Even better.

The thing about weddings is... I only take a couple pictures. And then I come home wishing I had taken more. Doesn't Emilee look gorgeous? Her whole reception was just so... Emilee. Wonderful.

And I didn't get one picture of Beth's dress on my camera (or any pictures with her, frankly... but the photographers got plenty, so I'm satisfied.) Gah, I can't wait for their pictures to be put up on FB so I can "borrow" one and show you guys. I wanted to steal that dress right off her body, it was so cute!

Oh... and my body may or may not be very angry with me after this week. 18 hours of dance? After going for a couple weeks with no dancing or stretching whatsoever? Yeah. My muscles don't like me. But dancing is just so awesome!

Not to mention I took half of my toenail off on my left big toe. But that's another story.

Alright. Ashley out.

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