Saturday, May 11, 2013

To dance... to express... to live.

Every time I go to a dance concert, I remember.
I remember how beautiful the human body looks when it twists, turns, leaps, and reaches. I remember how it touches my soul. And I remember how badly I wish I could dance like those people.

I dance 18 hours a week, but that's so small compared to the years that people spend on their technique, form, flexibility, and expression. And it shows. Every movement has meaning - a meaning that touches me and moves me. I went to a ballroom concert last night, and they performed a waltz number dedicated to men who are in service; I was in tears. They did a Disney medley and I felt like a little girl again. The flowing dresses, the graceful lifts and twirls - it is all so beautiful.

A picture from the BYU Ballroom Company's European Pre-Tour Showcase that I saw last night (source)

Expression. Emotion. That is what I love about lyrical dances and contemporary numbers. I went to a Contemporary Dance Theatre concert a couple months ago, and they showed this animated video part-way through the concert. I've always really liked this video, and it's a great example of the passion and emotion that goes into dancing.

Human movement is a beautiful thing. I'm obsessed with it.

The good thing about going to dance concerts = they inspire me to keep trying and to work harder. Someday, I'll feel ready to truly call myself a dancer.

On a different note... for those of you who might not come here often enough to notice... I have a new blog design! I got on a random "re-design" kick yesterday, and I even (finally) made a facebook page for my blog and changed my twitter handle so it's less random and actually relates to this blog!

I finally feel excited about blogging again!

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  1. I love dance, so much. I think it's one of the most beautiful things on this planet.