Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Even a rainy beach will do

It's days like today that I wish I were back here.

With the weather hovering in the high 90s, the beach sounds really nice. Even a rainy-day beach like this one. I'm not picky as long as there's sand crabs, ocean water, and a salty breeze. It's been nearly half a year since I stood on a beach, and nearly 2 years since I went to a beach when it's warm and sunny.

That day was windy. I can't decide if I like windy beaches or not. It cools you down, but your hair gets crazy. Beach-hair to the extreme!

Speaking of wind, I can hear a lot of wind outside right now! I'm crossing my fingers because the temperature has dropped down to 73 degrees and it's supposed to get into the 60s tonight. There's even a 20% chance of rain tomorrow! I suppose I'm getting my hopes up, but you never know. Provo has very strange weather...

Summer rain storms, anyone? I don't know about you, but I love them. Especially when you throw in a little thunder.

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