Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Putting aside the statement necklaces and chevron for a moment...

There are plenty of great, cute American boutiques out there, and I feel like they all sell the same things: maxi skirts, chambray tops, chevron patterns, and chunky statement jewelry. Don't get me wrong, those things are great! I love a good statement necklace... I've got 50-zillion hanging up in my room right now. But sometimes, you've just got to change things up.

Have you considered fashion from other cultures? There are some great places and websites out there to help your broaden the variety in your closet, and I recently came across one called Coco Fashion. They sell Korean-style clothing for women, along with a selection of purses and shoes fitting up to size 7 feet in American sizes.

I have never taken a close look at Korean fashion before now, but as I've browsed Coco's website, I've noticed more than once piece that I would love to wear.

Take this super cute dress for example! Give me a sunhat and some fun shoes, and I would wear this dress all the time! It makes me think of having tea in a rose garden or something like that.

And the great thing about Coco Fashion is that the clothing items often come with more than one color choice. I can't decide if I like the color scheme of the dress above or the color scheme of this dress better.

And if you still want some great maxi skirts or dresses, Coco's got that covered too. Look at this gorgeous maxi... it's only $12! It would look gorgeous paired with a cardigan, elegant necklace, and some heels.

Not wanting to see more maxi dresses? That's fine... go take a look at their other items. Cardigans and trench coats and blouses, oh my! Not to mention skinnies, tunics, jumpsuits, and plenty of other choices.

That blue top would look so cute with a belt around it, don't you think? I feel like there are many creative things you can do with these Korean clothing pieces.

There are plenty of items that come in S/M/L, but you must take note that many of the pieces are one-size-only. Coco always makes sure to give you the measurements of each item so that you can figure out if it would fit you or not. The measurements are in centimeters, and the website gives you a nice centimeters-to-inches converter (for those of you who are like me and measure with inches). So if you do not know your chest/waist/hip measurements, now would be a good time to learn them!

Go click the little ad on my sidebar and check them out! They come out with new items every day (just check the "Daily New" section) and there are already hundreds of items you can look through. If you get anything from Coco, let me know about it and tell me what you think! And you must admit... their prices are wonderful.

Are there any non-American fashions that you love?
Don't you think that blue maxi is gorgeous?! Because I sure do!

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  1. i love the blue maxi! and their mini dresses are cute too, i've always liked that sort of asian fashion

  2. I love the first dress too. I usually dress in Laura Ashley skirts.


  3. Oh I love the trench! So pretty and feminine yet still a trench. And you are right the first dress would be perfect for a big tea!

  4. I actually don't like shopping in the U.S. very much after living overseas. And on my next trip to Asia, I plan to be hitting up the malls--you can definitely find a lot of very pretty clothes that look a little more unusual or outlandish in the U.S., and that fits my sense of style perfectly!