Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sometimes you've got to "girl" things up

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we did not have any performances for the play I'm working on. Two whole nights!!!! I was almost at loss for what to do with myself... but Tuesday evening turned into a girls night of sorts. Pardon my lack of pool pictures, I preferred to swim and chat rather than bother with my camera. You can't blame me, right? I did snap one shot, but I'm not in it... I don't think you guys would want to see my super white legs anyways.

And no GNO is complete without dinner and a movie! We stopped by The Awful Waffle for some savory crepes, fries, Italian-style pizza, and dessert waffles. For those of you living in Provo who have never been there... go. Now.

The lighting was horrible for smartphone pictures, but I took some anyways. Look! The tables are made of this black material that you can write on with chalk! And the waffles are to die for. Really truly.

Horrible lighting, am I right? But those waffles taste good, let me tell ya! And then it was back to an apartment to watch... wait for iiiiiiiit... Star Wars. Yes, you heard me. Return of the Jedi. Who said GNO movies had to be chick flicks? For the record, I had Sense and Sensibility in my bag just in case.

Please tell me I'm not alone in my Star Wars fanaticism...

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