Friday, July 5, 2013

What went down on 7/4

Blurry camera-phone pics and all.

Dress: homemade // Cardigan and Belt: Kohl's // Clutch: c/o Mary Kay // Ring, Necklace and Shoes: Gifted

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day! I got to sleep in, dress up in festive colors, eat plenty of food, hang with my favorite nephew, and see tons of fireworks.

Clearly, I just couldn't get enough of him.

GAH, that little face!

And after all the food and partying was done, Doug and I decided to hike the Y (my college BYU has a big "Y" on the mountain right next to the school, and it's very popular to hike up to the Y) and watch all of the fireworks across the whole valley from the trail. It was quite a view, and we could even watch a huge thunderstorm in the distance (one guy on the trail said that it was God's fireworks. HA!)

I tried (and failed) more than once to get a good shot of some of the Stadium of Fire fireworks show. This is probably one of the better images.

We sat around on the Y after the Stadium of Fire was over and everyone who was up there went back down. Had some heart-to-heart conversations. Took turns holding each other's feet so we could lie upside down on the Y and see the whole valley go topsey-turvey. Didn't get home until after midnight.

It was pretty great.

And then I woke up this morning to go to school and had a clear view of these beauties.

Someday, I will ride in a hot air balloon. Someday. #bucketlist


  1. I LOVE your 4th of July outfit! And that nephew is sooo presh! Looks like you guys had a really great day!

    1. Aww thanks :) And he's definitely a cutie!

  2. Your outfit is adorable!! I would have loved to see those air balloons!!

    1. Thanks! And the air balloons were quite a sight :)