Thursday, August 1, 2013

A love affair with ballroom dance

My first love is, of course, my husband. Then comes ballroom dance. And I guess I love other things too, such as the gospel and the season of autumn and chocolate-covered strawberries...

But ballroom is high on my list. Very high. In fact, almost scandalously high. You might go so far to say that I am in the middle of an affair with ballroom dance. I just can't stay away from it and find any excuse to break out into a smooth dance or move some Latin hips.

We had a dance lab for all of the ballroom classes offered during summer term here at BYU. I'm in 3 different classes right now, and so I was very busy all night long rocking out to dances such as rumba, samba, paso doble, waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha-cha, west coast swing, and mambo. One of my favorite parts about dance labs is having an excuse to dress up. Bring on the red lipstick and flowing skirts! It makes me feel so elegant, especially when swinging across the floor doing a classy foxtrot routine.

^^^ And you've got to have that awkward moment where your TA comes over and photo-bombs your selfie pictures, claiming that you need to have a cute guy in at least some of your photos. I didn't know how to respond to that without being awkward, since I'm married (I'm just naturally an awkward person anyways), so I just made some funny faces in the mirror and this is the result. Well, I agree that cute guys are great to have in pictures, but I'd rather have it be the cute guy pictured below. I am married to him, after all. Even if I am having an affair with ballroom dance, this ginger boy remains my priority.

Doug is such a sport, letting me do all of this ballroom stuff without him. We're going to do some dancing this Friday though, and that makes me excited! Doug, I'll make a dancer out of you yet!

In other news, I'll be certifying in medals exams this Friday and next Wednesday... and then I have a competition next Friday! I'll be competing in rumba and waltz, and possibly west coast swing if I can teach my dance partner the steps in time, since he hasn't learned the summer term gold-level curriculum. Perhaps we'll just improvise! Or do the spring curriculum because he knows those steps.

Speaking of dance partners, my partner for rumba/waltz was wearing this tie today. The nerd inside me died.

And I unintentionally matched him today. Which is fine because we were doing video recordings and it made us look shnazzy. Yes, I said shnazzy. It IS a word. Deal with it.

Oh, how I love my new Latin sandals. Even though they gave me horrific blisters that my feet are still recovering from. But it is so worth it! Ballroom dance is worth sacrificing my heels for...

Are there any other ballroom fans out there?
Don't you just LOVE it?!?!!!


  1. This sounds like fun and excellent exercise (except for the feet and heals) :-)

    1. It's wonderful exercise! I do it a minimum of 3 hours per day! It's a fun way to keep active :)

  2. Happy Friday! My Friday Flash Blog linky party is live @ The Jenny Evolution – a flash mob of blogs where you share your favorite posts of the week. Hope you there -- you may just get highlighted next week!


  3. I wish I'd taken advantage of free ballroom lesson opportunities in college - it's expensive in "the real world" and I can't convince my husband to take them with me. Good luck at your competition!

  4. Sounds like so much fun! I'm grateful my husband will dance with me at all. I don't think I'll be able to indulge my ballroom dancing fantasies with him. He may surprise me, tho. Dropping by from the Blog Strut to say hello :)

  5. I totally took a ballroom dancing class 2 years ago in college. It was really great!!! I really want to find places I can dance in now that I've graduated. Good luck at your competition!!!
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  6. This is so awesome and exciting! I have always wanted to take ballroom dancing classes!

  7. I love this! I have been dancing when I was young but because of the busy schedule, I had to give it up. But now that I have time, I am definitely getting back, I just have to convince my husband. haha!


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