Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Because I'm too impatient for autumn

I know that we still have another month before the weather really starts changing and the autumn smells/looks/etc start breaking out... but since Provo has been having some stormy weather lately, a few trees have already started changing color. Just a few... but that is still enough to make me excited!

Here are some things I'm looking forward to this fall:

  • Wearing lots of emerald green
  • Boots galore! (I really love mid-calf and knee-highs, but the honey-gold ankle boots pictured below are cute...)
  • Sweaters - the cuter and comfier, the better!

Emerald Green
Boots I Love
Sweaters for fall

What is on your fall fashion must-have list?

**P.S. I finally got my new domain name up! www.practicallyimperfectblog.com
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  1. Hi - like you I'm ready for Fall. Here in Nebraska it's already cool sorta. The weather has been in the high 60's at night and around 80 or so during the day. It's wonderful to be enjoying the summer this year compared to last year when we just focused on surviving with the heat and the kids! LOL

    I'm following you now - would love a visit back when you have a chance. BTW be sure to check out the Tech Timeout link on the linky. =D Would love to have you sign up too!

    Tina "the book lady'
    http://givingnsharing.blogspot.com (tech timeout)

    1. Wow, 80 degrees isn't that bad for summer! In case you ever come back and actually read this reply: I returned the follow through facebook, since I don't use Linky Followers :) You should link your email to your profile sometime so you can actually get replies to the comments you make on other people's blogs :) It's super quick and easy!