Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Wishes 8.12

Before I move on to my wishes from last week and the ones for this week, I just want to say... surprise!!!! I gave my blog an entire makeover! This little piece of the web is no longer called Of Thoughts and Things! (I figure everyone is allowed one major change like this in their blogging career, right?)

I even have my own web domain and everything! But there were some issues with that (my campus wireless network thought the website was malware. Campus IT and I are figuring that out right now.) but I should have my new URL up and running in next to no time! There are still some things I'm fixing and updating, so don't point your finger and laugh if something is not working or looks funky. I'm working on it, I promise! It was a lot of change to make all at once. *****Brownie points for you if you know which movie my blog title is referencing!!!*****


Let's move on to the main post, shall we?

Weekly Wishes

If you remember from last week, my wish was to get to the final round of at least one of my ballroom competitions. And guess what? I made it to the final round for all 3 events I competed in! Talk about meeting your goals!

My Ballroom/Latin partner and I placed 3rd in the waltz and rumba competitions. Considering that the couples who placed 1st and 2nd for waltz are on the BYU summer ballroom team and we are not, I'd say we did pretty good! And considering that my partner is not a Latin dancer whatsoever, we did pretty well for rumba too! (Pay no attention to the ugly background behind the dancers! We were in the backstage area and it was dark outside, waddaya want from me?!)

BYU Ballroom Dancesport
BYU Summer Dancesport
We weren't allowed to wear fancy outfits for this competition, so we made sure that we at least matched (hooray for electric blue!) and that I was wearing the flowiest (yes, that's a word!) skirt I owned.

My other partner and I came in 5th for the West Coast Swing competition. And this, I admit, surprised me because he just learned the steps the day before the competition. He just catches on to things really quickly, I suppose. We beat out people who have been practicing for the past month or two.

BYU Summer Dancesport

And, to report on my sub-goal of doing well on my Medals Exams... I got high honors on both Latin and Standard Ballroom! If any of you out there do ballroom dance, you'll understand. This is a big deal! I would have been pleased with just plain ol' honors, but... high honors?! Win! I've got big plans for ballroom dancing. Big big plans.

And now for my wishes for this week:

Mainly, I want to get my apartment entirely cleaned. We'll be going on a trip to California to see my family, and I want things to be in proper order so that I don't flip out over any messes when we come back home. Since the summer term is ending this week, I'll actually have time to clean things! Hooray!

So yes, that means I have to tackle our messy walk-in storage closet. Oh joy. Time to put on my game face!

The Nectar Collective

Happy Monday, everyone. Get out there and make your wishes happen! And don't forget to link up!

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  1. Hey Ashley! Found you through the link-up! Congratulations on your competition and for totally rocking your wishes for last week! I love coming back from a trip to a clean house! So good luck with your goals this week. Have a safe and fun trip to California!
    (Following on Bloglovin')
    Passionately Curious

  2. Congrats! I will totally have goosebumps from watching your performance, if given any chance. It's a good idea to tidy up before the trip because you'll have additional stuffs to clean up when you return. Good luck!

    xo // Elizabeth //

  3. So glad that your wish of getting into the final competition came true! :) I hope you are able to tidy up your place and get that out of the way so that you can focus on your upcoming trip!

    Améliorer la Vie

  4. Congratulations on your ballroom dancing!! Good luck with your wishes this week. :)

  5. WHOA! Congrats on all the ballroom AWESOMENESS!!! Wowwwww!!!!

    And good luck with cleaning your entire apartment. I'm getting my apartment together as part of Weekly Wishes as well. :)


  6. Wow! Well done! That is fantastic news!

    Good luck with the cleaning!

  7. HEY, CONGRATS!! On both the blog switcheroo and ballroom! I am a total klutz and admire anyone who can dance. My grandmother was a ballroom dancer and she always made life seem so much more elegant :)