Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Well, color me flattered!

My little sister had the copy cat syndrome when we were growing up. All of my favorite things were her favorite things too. When my favorite colors were pink/blue/purple, so were hers. When I changed my favorite colors to pink/blue/green, she did too. She liked tigers just as much as I did. Sometimes she even tried to pass off my ideas/favorite things as her own original ideas. No bueno. This really annoyed me, particularly because she was my little sister. Now I look back and think, "Gee, I must have been a pretty darn awesome sister, since she wanted to copy me all the time". Thank you Carissa for boosting my ego.

I have learned to be flattered by attempts of mimicry (except when it's outright plagiarism or something like that).

For example: one of my dear childhood friends made this cake for one of my bridal showers last May. It is a big chocolate creation of awesomeness: chocolate cake with chocolate filling and frosting, surrounded by a layer of chocolate Hershey's squares and completely coated on the top with M&Ms. I promptly posted it on my blog and put the picture on Pinterest. Something that chocolatey had to be shared with the online world.

Yeah. My friends definitely know how much I like chocolate.

And then I ran across this beauty yesterday on Pinterest:

At first I was like "Whaaaaa, they stole my cake!" but... think about it... someone saw my cake pinned on Pinterest and decided to try it out! Hot diggity dang, how awesome! Except they used Kit-Kat bars instead of Hersheys, and I like Hersheys better.

...not to mention that other people have made cakes like this before. But I've just never seen them on the internet before yesterday, so let's pretend that mine is the original! You guys can give me that, right? Right? Because I feel cool right now. Okay. Thanks.

Have you ever put a picture/idea on Pinterest and noticed that other people tried it too?
Or have you randomly come across a pin from your blog on someone else's Pinterest boards?


  1. Yours is definitely cuter, but what a great flattery! Of course, now I am hungry! :)

  2. I haven't, but it would be neat. And your cake looks awesome!