Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brace Yourselves

Autumn is coming

The first leaves have fallen.
Capri pants will soon be a thing of the past.
My flip-flops are going to retire soon and be replaced by boots and other warmer shoes.
And I am so thoroughly excited about it.

The small changes in the weather and the environment are almost making me giddy. My fall decorations are going up soon! You guys, I'm dying here! It's the best time of the year, in my opinion! So very very excited :)

And I had my very last First Day of School today. In case anyone was wondering. Aww, how precious. And it was a little anti-climactic because I only had one class, and it didn't meet until the afternoon. Oh, the perks of being a college senior. I'll be up bright and early tomorrow for my ballroom class auditions though! Fingers crossed!

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  1. Gahhhhhhh, not the leaves falling!! I can't unsee it!!!


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