Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ending the hiatus (and banana bites)

Pardon my blog hiatus. I'm just busy enjoying the last of my school-free summer hours (because BYU is strange and we don't start classes until this Tuesday. No complaints here, though).

Doug and I have been Harry Potter Marathon-ing it up over here (currently on movie 6) and I still need to make my snickerdoodle cookies sometime tomorrow. In the mean time, I've been snacking down on these awesome semi-but-not-really-healthy treats that I have affectionately termed "banana bites".

I originally got the idea from Pinterest (here) but I decided to flip things up a little. These little beauties are filled with Nutella and coated in melted peanut butter chips. The original ones on Pinterest are filled with peanut butter and coated in melted dark chocolate chips (although I used semi-sweet for mine).

I'm not going to lie... I think I like the super chocolaty ones a bit more. Go figure, I'm a chocoholic. The best part? Doug is not a fan of frozen bananas, so I got the whole batch to myself. I ate over half of them before I remembered I needed to take pictures.

In case you want to make them... you have to freeze the bananas and their filling first (about 1 hour) and THEN dip them in the melted coating. Otherwise they'll get mushy. And once you take the bananas out of the freezer to dip them you need to work fast because the bananas defrost quickly and the melted coating hardens quicker than you expect. Then just pop them back in the freezer again for a while and they're ready to eat!

Alrighty, it's back to the magical world of Harry now.

Must. Finish. Before. School. Starts.

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  1. Going to make this for our son's wedding!!!!
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