Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall decor, please and thank you

I've finally been cracking down on cleaning. Because my apartment is (finally) back to "company-ready" status, I've allowed myself to put up a framed autumn word print, some handmade yarn-ball acorns, a "happy fall" pennant banner, and even an extremely cute thick wicker pumpkin, in addition to my autumn floral arrangement I put out last weekend. I will withhold my actual Halloween decorations until October is actually here. It's taking some restraint though, people, let me tell ya. Now I just need to go buy a bunch of those cute, mini pumpkins and I'll be good to go!

A cleaner apartment and fall decorations, combined with going to lunch with my Grandparents today before they head off to Winter Quarters, Nebraska for a 1.5 year mission for my church, made a good Saturday. And I didn't touch my homework. The only assignment I think I have is reading Antigone... that's not too complicated.

Fall is here to stay. It's about time! Happy Fall, everyone!
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