Sunday, September 22, 2013

Loving Lately

Sometimes, I have to put life in perspective and think about the things that I love in my life.

Lately, I'm loving the rain.

I'm loving how the world is tottering on the boarder between late summer and true autumn. It just needs one little push for fall to officially be here.

I'm loving my husband who makes chocolate chip cookies using only 1/4 cup of chocolate chips (silly boy).

I'm loving piano.

And Seussical.

And I think it's funny how some of those songs I have to play are so intense that I've broken my nails playing them.

I'm loving that those nails are already almost better again so I can paint them. I'm obsessed with nail polish.

I'm loving my new-high-school-freshman little sister who texts me for help with her English homework.

Lately, I'm loving my classes. All 9 of them. Each one of them is a pleasure in its own way.

I'm loving my healthy body that can dance and survive with just minimal sleep.

I'm loving my Savior and can feel His love for me.

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  1. This is sweet. I'm loving that there's a Freshman in high school so into school that she's texting her big sister for help. :)
    Very cool!

    This is a nice list. I've got tons of things on my list too. Life is good. :)

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.