Friday, September 6, 2013

Small Things on a Friday

I found myself with a free hour right around lunchtime today, and so I went over to my college campus's art museum to eat at the Cafe they have on the second floor of the building. I had never eaten there before, and it was a wonderfully, simplistically classy place. In my opinion, that is. I suppose I have not been to many classy cafes.

I felt really cool eating my chilled raspberry soup and herbal bread while writing in my journal. Like... it was hipster status, guys, really. I will definitely be heading back there for tomato basil soup when the weather gets cooler. I'm sure it tastes heavenly.

chilled raspberry soup
chilled raspberry soup

That MOA Cafe visit was a great mid-way point for my school day.
This cute little origami elephant was another thing that made me happy today...

And I was able to go to a baby shower and make this onesie using fabric paint. You must admit... it's awesome.

I love it when my attempts to be "artsy" actually work out. And believe me, that only happens part of the time. Try as I might, my artistic expression does not come through paint and sculpture and crafts as much as it comes through dance, music, literature, and theatre. I try though, people. I try.

Happy Friday to everyone!
And can I just say... I love ballroom dance so much. Expect to hear more about my auditions in my weekly wishes post on Monday!

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  1. Love the little elephant, it's adorable!