Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Wishes 9.16

You know school is in session when my posts decrease in frequency. I don't mind, though! It means I'm keeping busy with ballroom team rehearsals, homework, Seussical the Musical rehearsals, spending time with family and friends, and sleeping when I get the chance. Not to mention making a chocolate chip cookie recipe that yielded about 5 dozen big, fat cookies. Yum.

Of course, it means I need to find extra time to take care of my goals. So here we go with my weekly wishes!

This week's ombre image was brought to you by my Scenic Design class. It's just the base coat for one of my first projects. Painting, painting, painting... I'm going to like that class.

Last Week
- So apparantly, one of my goals for last week was to organize my jewelry. Yeah. That didn't happen. And I think I'm going to give that one up because I mess around with my jewelry so frequently that my jewelry shelves will just get messy again.

- I also wanted to do some fall cleaning in honor of a new season - with the reward being that I could put up my fall decorations. My apartment is looking better already, so I let myself put out some autumn-esque flowers for my table centerpiece, but that's about it. No other decorations until this apartment is spotless!

This Week
- Keep cleaning. It's just so hard when I'm gone all day and by the time I get home I just want to relax (although I can't because of homework). Le sigh... oh, first world problems.

- Also this week, I want to sit down and make a fall date list with my husband of things we need to make sure we do together this fall. I'll make it a blog post this week and you guys can read all about it! Hooray!

- In fact, I want to make it a goal to post on my blog at least 3 times this week. Homework is no excuse! I just need to stop playing Candy Crush and blog instead (curse you, Candy Crush!)

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  1. Good luck with the cleaning. I am seriously needing to work on cleaning myself!

  2. We have one of the same goals, which is to blog more. :) I'm glad I've never played Candy Crush...I have a lot of friends that are addicted! It's probably better that I never even try it, but that's what I said about Farmville and then I played that stupid game over the span of several months. I hope you are able to meet your goals. With cleaning I just have to do a little at a time or else I get overwhelmed and feel like I will never be done. Good luck!

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