Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Wishes 9.30

You guys. YOU GUYS! October starts this week! It's my favorite month, I'm not even joking. And with October comes a bunch of fun fall activities, Halloween decorations and parties, the performances for Seussical the Musical (finally) and my first two performances with my BYU Ballroom Team. We'll be Triple Swinging for the whole 2 mile parade route for the BYU Homecoming Parade and performing a Samba routine for a BYU Social Dance party on Halloween. Whoo!

In other news, I got to spend time with the cutest nephew in the world today. If any baby can make me baby-hungry, that kid can. He's just a bundle of laughs, hair-pulling, and big baby eyes.

And now... on to my weekly wishes! You guys, I felt pretty good about last week. And this week should be even better! (Hello... October is starting...)

Last Week

  • I wanted to make a list of fall dates I could do with my husband over the next few weeks. Success! You can see my list of 20 fall dates here.
  • I wanted to find ways to serve my husband. Um... I made a point to try to give him more out-of-the-blue back scratches and massages as he sits at the table working or doing his homework. He enjoys it. I also took the time to listen to something that was really bugging him this weekend, and it was a great service to him, I do believe. Being a listening ear is always great... and it strengthened our relationship.
  • I wanted to do a minimum of 3 blog posts this week. Well, I did 3 posts, but that was including my weekly wishes post from last Monday, and I wanted to do 3 posts not including the weekly wishes post. Keep it up, Ashley, keep it up!

This Week
  • Keep my apartment clean. I finally got my apartment pretty tidy (except the bedroom) this weekend, and I want it to stay that way. I will not allow myself to put up Halloween decorations on October 1st if the apartment has started to get messy again.
  • Do all of my homework early so that my evenings are free and my weekend is practically homework-less (especially because I will be busy watching this this weekend.)
  • Buy ingredients for pumpkin foods. And then make those pumpkin foods. It's been too long since I've had pumpkin bread or homemade pumpkin cookies. MUST HAVE! Plus, some sort of pumpkin soup sounds really good too.

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  1. Gah, I love fall! Have fun making all of those yummy pumpkin recipes- I made the best pumpkin cookies the other day- and they were vegan! Awesome.

  2. Looks like you did great with last week's goals.
    Those are some manageable goals this week! good luck with them. I'd love to see what pumpkin recipes you try.