Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Wishes 9.9

I lived through one of the most ridiculous storms I've ever seen over the weekend. You wouldn't believe how quickly those clouds blew in and how heavy the rain was! We had flash floods and tree branches falling and so much wind. I'm glad I wasn't out driving in that crazy weather because I would have been hydroplaning everywhere. The best part? BYU was about to start pre-game warm-ups for a football game against Texas. The stadium emptied pretty quickly and the game was postponed for nearly 2 hours.

But today the sky is blue... it's a new week... and it's time for another weekly wishes post!

I couldn't resist borrowing this photo from Washington Post. When I say the stadium emptied, I mean it!

Last Week
- Organize my jewelry shelves. Okay, I completely forgot about this one. I had a good excuse though, and that leads me to my next goal:
- Rock my ballroom auditions. You guys. Not only did I get into the Gold Latin class, but I also made it into the BYU Ballroom Dance Company! YOU GUYS! I am so excited, you have no idea! We are going to start learning our first routine today: a samba. Ooooooooh, I love ballroom dance so much! And now you'll be seeing more on this blog about the inner workings of a ballroom dance team. Whoo!

This Week
- Let's try the jewelry organization goal again. Yeah. I like that idea.
- Do some "fall cleaning". Who said spring cleaning was only for spring? I need to get ready for fall, and that includes a nice, clean apartment. AND I'll only allow myself to put up fall decorations once the cleaning is done, so that is great motivation because I love fall with all my heart.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!
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  1. Congratulations on making the team! That sounds like a ton of fun! And good luck with cleaning and organizing- I could stand to organize my jewelry collection better.

  2. Yay for fall cleaning! I need to get on board with that too.