Thursday, September 19, 2013

When we have theatre parties

Loud talking, hot dogs, strange t-shirts (a surprise every year!), and a chilly nip to the air.

Those things are what I associate with the annual Opening Social for the Theatre/Media Arts college.

And I must say, I liked this year's social better than last year's. Perhaps it was the sunflower centerpieces. Perhaps it was because I knew so many people and was sitting with the noisiest, loudest, craziest group of thespians, all of whom I have worked closely with on theatre productions since March of this year. Perhaps it was the Swedish Fish that someone brought to the party (gotta love red dye #40).

Not pictured: Lindsay.
Because she was busy taking the photo.
I'm a theatre geek. And proud of it.
Oh, how I love these people.

Props to dear Douglas for coming with me and sitting in the midst of a group of people he barely even knows. I'm sure we all seem pretty crazy to him. It's a good thing he did some theatre in high school and has been exposed to my world. Of course, I'm sure he didn't bargain on a wife who goes around singing all of Neil Patrick Harris's past 3 Tony Awards opening numbers for hours on end. Because that's what I was doing yesterday. And I made him watch all the videos with me on Youtube.

And I've been singing Seussical songs for ages. Before that it was Hello, Dolly. And my next broadway soundtrack obsession will probably be Jekyll and Hyde, followed by Little Women. Yes, I plan these things out.


I was cold by the end of the night. Sweater weather!!!!! Come to me!
And I want pumpkin cookies.
Thank goodness for Friday and weekends and the Holy War Rivalry Football Game this weekend. And then there's EviDance, which I have to go see on Saturday night at the same time as the football game. I'm sure the concert will be worth it, but all the exciting stuff in the game better happen during the second half when I'm back from the concert and can watch.

On that note, I'll say good night.
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