Tuesday, October 8, 2013

About those weekly wishes...

I know, I know. I missed the Weekly Wishes link-up this week. I suppose it's high time I take a break from that link-up, just to keep things fresh, but I'll still report on my goals! This is how my 3 goals from the past week turned out:

  • I've kept my apartment comparatively tidy (especially because I had a lot of time this weekend to work on it)
  • All homework was done in a timely manner
  • I bought 3 big, fat cans of pure pumpkin! Bring on the pumpkin cookies! They are #1 on my To-Make list :)

In other news, Doug and I knocked another one of our fall date items off the list this weekend by taking a scenic drive through Provo Canyon. We even brought homemade hot cocoa along in a big thermos and got out of the car to explore the beautiful fall landscape.

The sun was bright. Pictures were few and in between (which is fine because it was so bright and I was in a moving vehicle, which makes for less-than-excellent pictures). The temperature was perfect. And the whole outing was simply lovely.

This was one of the least blurry/pixelated shots that I got. Wouldn't this lane be great to drive down in the early evening just before dusk? It would be perfect, in my opinion. And I probably would have made Doug take me in the evening if we hadn't been expecting a visit from my grandparents and uncle :) It was great to visit with them.

This week marks the end of Seussical the Musical and a good 1 month break from any theater production projects. It is also Homecoming Week here at BYU, and I will be doing my very first Ballroom Team performance this Saturday at the Homecoming Parade. Yes, I've mentioned this a million times, but I'm excited, okay?! Today I went and (finally) bought some fishnet tights, along with fake eyelashes, dangling rhinestone earrings, and keds/bobby socks for the parade this weekend, since we'll be dancing on the road and we don't want to tear up our latin heels. Besides, swing dancing looks good with keds.

Looking at all I have right now and all the opportunities I'm blessed with, I can't help but feel so happy. I'm at a really great place in life. It makes me giddy to know that things will only get better! Sure, trials will come, but I am willing to face whatever life throws at me if it means that I can keep living through gorgeous autumn weather each year, cuddle with my handsome ginger husband, and eat ice cream far too often. Yeah. Life is good.

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