Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Farmers Market

Doug and I checked off an item on our fall date list today and walked over to a little farmers market that takes place each fall in the parking lot of the BYU football stadium. It's not a big farmers market, but it has all the things that farmers markets should have: apples and other fall fruits, homemade bread, pumpkins, kettle corn, samples of fresh honey, homemade products such as jewelry and pillowcases, and street singers.

We did not stay long, but I did sample some pretty tasty salsa.

Someday I'll find it in my heart to use my camera more. Or to use a camera period. Right now, my phone is seeing more action than my little point-and-shoot is.

Our walk consisted of windy weather, Wendy's (I'm addicted to Frostys, okay?!), admiring the mountains that have turned into colorful towers of orange and red foliage, and walking home with each of us carrying a gallon of freezing cold Creamery milk in our hands. We go through milk faster than you can say "moo" and hey, it was around 50 degrees outside! Our hands didn't appreciate the cold milk like we do in the summer when it's sweltering hot.

My Halloween decorations are out and there is already snow on the highest mountain peaks. Don't you dare snow yet, Utah! Fall just started! Doug and I are looking forward to a scenic Provo Canyon drive this weekend, especially now that the fall leaves are finally in full color.

On my "to-buy" list for this weekend: canned pumpkin and eggs so I can get some pumpkin cookies rollin' out of my oven and into my belly. Mmmmmm, I can taste them already!

And - as one final, random thought for the night - I ran into a friend of mine yesterday who was getting ready to enter the Missionary Training Center... and this is what she was wearing. It made my heart happy. Tardis blue and everything! Hooray for nerds! (And it has pockets. POCKETS!)

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