Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Piano, Parades, and Such

First of all, Seussical is done with! It was a successful show, and it received a lot of praise. I had tons of fun rocking out on the piano in my little corner of the backstage area. It was a LOT of piano time for me. I even developed a blister on my thumb from all the times I had to glissando.

My next project is being the music director for a production of the musical Little Women. Auditions are coming up at the end of this month, and the show is in February. It very well might be my very last theatre project while I'm at BYU!

Why? Because I'm graduating in April! And I just applied for graduation yesterday. AH! How strange to think about!

Saturday marked the day of the Homecoming Parade in preparation for BYU's Homecoming Game that night. Performing in the parade as part of the BYU Ballroom Dance Company was awesome, even though by the end of it all my energy was gone. It was so fun to have all the little kids on the parade route reaching out their hands to get high fives and to see the adult ballroom fans call out things like "you guys look great" or "you're all so good" or "I love you guys!" Surprisingly, I had plenty of energy the rest of the day and my legs didn't really hurt much. Instead, I was sore in my shoulder area. I think it's because of all the big arm movements I had to do. My legs were prepared but my arms were not, which was not what I was expecting with Triple Swing.

Here's a random picture shot on the parade route. Polka dot dresses, curly ponytails, keds, bobby socks, and all. I'm on the left side of the picture at the very front of that pack of 4 girls. We had to run to catch up to the group before us because when we stopped to do our dance, we would never travel far enough to keep up. So when we weren't dancing, we were running. It was a workout.

On a separate note, I found an opportunity between classes last Wednesday to wander along the BYU South Campus River Trail, and it was lovely. That pathway is always gorgeous, especially in the fall. Many of the trees haven't truly started changing color yet though... shame on them.

^^^^^ I'm always in my Latin skirt and flip flops/sandals on M/W/F because I have to go from class to class, and half of them are ballroom. Yes, even when it's cold, I wear my skirt. I'm sure I will choose warmth over convenience once the snow comes.

I'm so lucky to attend such a beautiful campus.
I'm so thankful I have a body that allows me to move and dance.
I'm so glad I have an appreciation and talent for music and theatre.
I'm just an artsy gal.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
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  1. Little Women?? At BYU? Or nearby? Is this what I'm hearing?

    1. Yes, at BYU! That's what you're hearing! It's not the big, major main-stage musical of the school year ("Light in the Piazza" is BYU's main musical this year) but it IS still the full-length production and will be directed by a friend of mine who is getting a directing emphasis and will be using this as her capstone project. It's going to be a fun production to work on!