Saturday, November 9, 2013

What DOES the fox say...?

One time, I had a blog. And I forgot about it. Okay, not really. But life gets busy!

Okay, let me move on before this becomes an all-too-typical post about how I'm "too busy to blog" and "I'm going to do better" and all that jazz.

Ballroom has been keeping me busy busy busy! In fact, my entire evening on Halloween was devoted to ballroom dance. There was a social ballroom dance lab that evening (they play a bunch of songs for 3 hours and you can waltz/foxtrot/cha cha/swing/etc. to your hearts content!) and I was performing two different numbers at it. One of the routines was a little more casual and super fun: a cha-cha routine to that crazy Youtube hit "What Does the Fox Say" or whatever it's called. We put the routine together in my 380 Social Dance class, so it's nothing too fancy, but boy was it fun!

And yes, we were dressed up in fox ears and ties just like the backup dancers in the music video. And yes, we had a guy dressed up in a fox suit. We were the hit class routine of the night.

^^^Some poor guy lost his ears mid-routine! Oh well!

I really enjoyed wearing fox ears. I may or may not have worn them across campus during the day just for kicks and giggles.

And this hott ginger got it all on video! I love you, Doug! (The videos are on facebook, but I don't know if they would work for you to see if I post them on here and you're not on my friends list...)

After "foxing it up" I joined my Ballroom Team and got ready to perform our samba routine. We did really well, if I do say so myself! Here's a nice, blurry shot of us in action. I'm in the front, second from the right :)

I love my samba ladies! I can't wait to perform the Viennese Waltz we're working on right now, it's a gorgeous song with fun choreography. And the dresses we get to wear are blue! BLUE!!!!

Right now, I'm trying to focus on the Dancesport competitions this coming weekend. I'll be doing a bit of waltz for my Social Dance class, but my main concern is Paso Doble and Cha Cha for my gold Latin class. Mainly Paso, since it's the dance that my class is specifically assigned to compete in. My partner and I have had basically no time to practice together so far, so I'm a little worried, but that's what happens when I'm involved with theatre and am taking 9 classes. Yeah.

I think I'm ready as an individual, though. Here's a couple little shots of my work in Paso during class. Meh, what do you think? Do I look aggressive and intimidating? Because that's how I'm supposed to look in Paso Doble... meh. I need to use my core more.

Oh, how I wish I could have started ballroom dancing at a younger age. I look at the high school students who are competing in events and are even better than me... and I think... if only. But I enjoy it, and that's all that matters!

Really, though, can I just say that I have the most awesome husband ever?! Supporting me in all of my dancing and being happy for me because I enjoy it so much... AND he even joined in dancing with me at the dance lab on Halloween after my performances were over. He's getting pretty good at 180-level cha cha and he picked up on polka & night club two-step really quickly! That made my night, it really did. Thank you so much, Douglas. You are too good to me! A girl couldn't ask for more!
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