Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Year in Review

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone in the blogging world is doing this, I know. It's still a fun way to look back on the past year, right? Even though some months I barely shared anything on this blog at all...


Doug and I both made our decisions regarding our degrees. I started leaning towards switching from Theatre Education to Theatre Arts Studies and he had his heart set on the Information Systems major. We attended a free Ball on campus, had a couple snow fights, and I started taking international ballroom classes (which would eventually lead to where I'm at today!)


Our first Valentine's Day together as a married couple was pretty quiet - and February was a busy month! We still found time to take a vacation over one of the 3-day weekends and spent some time with friends in a house down south. We may or may not have spent a day shooting - and did a photo shoot with the guns. Yeah.


My very first nephew was born, and he gets cuter as the days go by! I competed in my first international ballroom DanceSport competition, my heart started palpitating at random moments from all the stress of my classes, projects, work, etc. and I totally rocked a last-minute 12 page paper. How did I survive March? I don't know.


I turned 21, I found a gorgeous copy of the complete Sherlock Holmes collection which fueled my desire to start a Collectors Edition library, I was recruited for 3 different theatrical productions, and I totally rocked my classes: 10 As and one A minus... not too shabby! And I will never take 11 classes in one semester again. Granted, I did just get done taking 9 classes... close enough?


Doug and I celebrated our first anniversary with a trip up to Park City. I found myself falling in love with Ballroom more and more. Theatre project #1 - A Wrinkle in Time - started performances and ended in early June. My Benedict Cumberbatch obsession also grew twofold when I saw Star Trek into Darkness in theatres. Season 3 of Sherlock premieres in the UK tomorrow! Bring on the sharp cheekbones and nebula eyes! I keep teasing Doug that he's a Bandersnatch wannabe (Bandersnatch Cummerbund is a fandom nickname for Benedict) and he insists that he is not.


I celebrated the completion of Theatre Project #1 and started Project #2 as a stage manager for a production completely unconnected to BYU. I finished a long and tiring Spring term and started a less stressful (but still long) Summer term. I was averaging about 4 hours of dance per day, Monday-Friday.


Doug and I went on a 4th of July hike and had the best vantage point to see fireworks all across the valley. We experienced a very rainy month, considering it was summer - LOTS of thunderstorms - and Theatre Project #2 finished up. My brother completed his second semester of college at BYU-I and passed through Utah with my parents. I went with them to do some work up in the Salt Lake City Temple... and it was so gorgeous inside! Doug also started an awesome new job and we both finally joined the world of smartphones.


The Summer term came to a successful finish as I made it to the final round of all 3 of my Summer DanceSport Ballroom competitions, placing in the top 3 in two of them. I also got high honors on my medals exams for both International Ballroom and International Latin. My ballroom teacher encouraged me to consider auditioning for the Ballroom Dance Company in fall semester. My brother left on his 2 year mission in West Virginia, and we visited my family in Fresno for a week.


With my teacher's encouragement, I auditioned for and successfully joined the BYU Ballroom Dance Company. I also qualified to start training in Latin Ballroom at the gold level under Brent Keck - one of the toughest graders in the program, in my opinion. We had a marvelous opening social for my Theatre program and we all witnessed the beginnings of one of the longest, greatest, most beautiful autumns I've seen during my 4 years here in Utah.


Theatre Project #3 - which I had been working on in April/May and continued in September/October - wrapped up and was a big hit. I was recruited for yet another project - Little Women - and performed my first two routines with my ballroom team and started working on a third. Doug and I made a fall date list that we checked quite a few items off of, and I became more flexible in my legs by a whole hand-length (fingertips to wrist. This is saying something because I've never been flexible). I also officially applied for graduation.


I had a lot of fun competing in DanceSport once again. Doug and I got to go on a retreat to Park City for Doug's company. Fall stretched pretty far into the month, and we didn't even have any snow! Rehearsals for Little Woman began (we have an awesome cast) and I managed to resist Christmas decorations and music until the day before Thanksgiving. I doubt I'll last as long next year.


We wrapped up the semester for Ballroom Team with a great Viennese Waltz performance at a Christmas Dance Lab and had a formal closing social in the BYU Ballroom - catered dinner, live band, dance cards, and all. I got the highest score on my final essay in my Dramatic Literary Theory class, I got an A on Brent Keck's practical dance final, and my mom sent us fudge in the mail. Yum. We spent the first half of our break in Disney World with my in-laws and I am taking full advantage of relaxing during this last week of break.

Happy last day of 2013, everyone! I've had my goals written out for a couple days now, and I keep finding more to add! 2014 is going to be a big year for Doug and me! And this blog will, of course, be here to help me tell the tale :)
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