Friday, December 20, 2013

Fudge in my Mailbox

All has been quiet on the blogging front because goodness knows that finals week is beastly. I am excited for vacation!

The last two weeks of the semester wrapped up nicely, though.
We had our last ballroom team performance of the semester. Viennese waltz... I love you. So fun. I also think I wore my ultra fuzzy and awesome Ballroom Dance Company jacket for a week straight.

I painted an 8 foot tall board for my scenic art class and it looked great in the end.
My final paper for my Dramatic Literature class is A-worthy, in my opinion.
I can now say that I got an A on Brent Keck's Gold 1 Latin Dance final. I never dreamed... gah. Speechless.
Christmas candles are the love of my life.
I fail at scheduling visiting teaching appointments.
There's nothing quite like a clean apartment.
Aspen Grove is beautiful when it's covered in snow. That's the second time I've had a Christmas party up there...
I made the discovery that The Santa Clause makes my hubby laugh. A lot. Which makes me laugh. A lot. It's a never ending cycle.

And... my finals week was topped off by opening a Christmas package from home and discovering that mom had put homemade fudge in the box. I almost died of happiness, I really did. How did she know I was craving it?!

This year will be the very first year in my life that I'm not home in California with my family for Christmas. I'm sure I will be sad about it on Christmas Day... but right now I'm super excited because I'm heading towards the opposite side of the country, and you'll never guess where I'm going!!!!

Maybe my freshly painted nails can give you a hint? Don't judge them too harshly, I took the picture right after I was done painting them, and I still haven't cleaned the edges with acetone... I was in a hurry and am currently in a plane flying far away from my nail care supplies.

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