Friday, December 6, 2013

SNOW! Oh wait...

Yes, we finally had snow here in Provo. However, that was a couple days ago and I'm just late on saying anything about it. So it's old news. All I know is that when I got home from trudging through the fresh snow back on Tuesday, I immediately threw on some comfy clothes, made some hot chocolate, and turned on a movie. So what if finals are in less than two weeks?! I'm a simple girl. Give me comfort on a snowy day and I will be happy.

In other news, my nail polish obsession is in full swing. I'm slowly getting better at doing things on my nails other than simply painting them all one color. It reminds me of my elementary school days where I would go to church every Sunday with a new design on my nails because I was obsessed with nail art. Well, I've found that obsession again. I'm just a bit (a lot) rusty.

And, for the record, I'm also obsessed with Julep nail polish. It just goes on so smoothly :)

I have been doing pretty good at keeping our apartment tidy... up until yesterday when I let the sink accumulate dishes and I decided to leave school supplies and my coat/gloves all over the couch. *Sigh... I was doing so well. At least my refrigerator has a friendly face on it that keeps smiling no matter what state my apartment is in!

These pictures are courtesy of Instagram, now that I actually (finally) have an account. I'm still new to the whole "Instagramming" thing so there aren't many pictures on my account yet, but you can still follow along!

There are only two weeks left until this semester is completely over with. Not that I'm counting or anything. The next couple weeks shouldn't be too bad though. I've been keeping all of my projects under thumb.

I have some fun things to look forward to, though! We have the BYU Ballroom Dance Company closing social to attend tonight, and it will be full of fancy clothes, yummy food, a live band, and lots of dancing. I'm getting a haircut (and I still don't know exactly what I want! GAH!). Next week I'll be performing a Viennese Waltz routine with my ballroom team at a Social Dance Lab. I'm singing in a trio this Sunday for church and then in another trio next Sunday. We have our ward Christmas party next Saturday at Aspen Grove. Also, I'm going to have the most awesome Christmas vacation ever. I won't say too much yet... spoilers! :)

I love the holiday season. So. Much.
Have I mentioned that?
So. Much.
I also eat way too much chocolate for my own good. But that's another story.
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