Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When in doubt. . . .

...paint your nails.

This was my first time trying something with rhinestones. I think I like using them... expect something more creative as time goes by! I'm slowly getting better at this "nail art" stuff... and I don't even have any fancy-shmancy nail polish pens or anything! Gah, so much nail polish! I think I have a problem.


After a week consisting of a 24 hour flu bug, last minute ballroom audition decisions, lots of book selling/buying, and plenty of chocolate, I have reached the middle of the first week of my last semester of college. The week started off as great as I could have asked, but the past 24+ hours have felt like a fiasco and a half. It did not help that I walked out the door for school this morning - already pushing for time - to find that it was snowing. I literally stopped in my tracks and stared at it, not believing that it could possibly be snowing on today of all days. Basically, I was wearing boots with no traction, nearly slipped several times, and was late to school - you'd think by now that I would learn to check the weather when getting ready in the mornings so I can dress accordingly... but no... Thank goodness for a dear, sweet, kind, loving husband who walks all the way back to school in the snow when I'm done with class to bring me my snow boots so I wouldn't have a miserable journey home.

Love that guy.

And I'm already impatient for spring.

In other news... this semester will consist of my last round of Gold Standard and Latin Ballroom classes, as well as my last semester doing Ballroom Team. Last semester doing ballroom ever, really, because I know I won't continue with competing or anything after college. It's a little sad to think about, but all good things come to an end. I wish wish wish that I had started Ballroom technique classes during my freshman year instead of halfway through my junior year; I could have gotten so much further with my dancing. Also, I love my teacher Brent, bless his little heart. So many people either dislike him or think he's too harsh, but he's just the sort of teacher I've needed during my ballroom experience. He's only hard because he expects so much of us; he has pushed me to be better, shown a level of subtle, indirect confidence in my potential as a dancer even when I sat there thinking I could never be good, and I know he has a heart of gold under all the work-you-till-you-drop exterior. To all those who give him anything less than "good quality" on Rate My Professors: you are brainless wusses. That is all.

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