Saturday, March 8, 2014

March fever or something

It's that time of year when the air feels fresh and the temperature is more bearable.
The sunsets are beautiful.
I feel like any day now there will be buds on the trees. The grass is already greener.
Fingers crossed that the snow is done with for the season. Spring officially starts in less than 2 weeks, after all.

Doug and I are considering the possibility of moving sooner than we expected. We'll still be in Provo, but just not in Wymount any more. It is strange to think that we've spent almost 2 whole years here already.

Speaking of Doug, today is his birthday. Halfway to 50... not bad, not bad. As his mother said, "one quarter of a century down, three more to go!" When you say it that way, it seems like a lot - but not a lot at the same time. In any case, we're preppin' our bellies for some Tucanos goodness on Tuesday for a belated birthday lunch.

Meanwhile... Scott and I are getting ready to kick butt in our competition on Thursday! As far as I know, it's my very last DanceSport competition, so I hope to make it count for something. We're feeling confident about getting to finals. Hopefully. Top 3 would be nice. Gah, I'm nervous already!

In other news, I'm missing tap.
And how cool are my West Coast Swingin' team members?!

I've started to teach Doug some basic Samba concepts, along with the routine that they learn in the bronze-level class at BYU. We've reached a dance move called bota-fogos. They're pretty tough when you're just starting dance. He's doing pretty good for a beginner! I love him for indulging me and learning how to dance. He even knows bronze-level social cha-cha and foxtrot :) What a guy.

Speaking of dance, if any of you in Utah want to come see the BYU Ballroom Dance Company in concert this April, buy tickets from me! I'm required to sell them. You don't want to miss all the awesome dance routines, especially the national award-winning ones from our tour team!

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