Monday, April 28, 2014

Deviant Spawn of Mother Nature

Let's face it... Provo weather is bi-polar. And as I said in my post title, I like to call it "the deviant spawn of mother nature".

Really though. Only a week and a half ago we were well on our way to summer and I had broken out my capris and flip-flops. Now it's snowing. SNOWING! And it's almost MAY! I'm back in boots and a jacket. I shake my fist at you, Provo.

Since it IS a little colder though, it means I was able get more use out of this cute spring jacket yesterday while Provo was still snow-free, and who can complain about that?!

Jacket: c/o eShakti   //   Dress: Kohl's   //  Boots: Forever Young Shoes   //   Necklace: Gifted

Warning: shameless plug moment. And my opinions are all my own!

Usually when I think of eShakti, I think of dresses and skirts, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this jacket among their spring collection items. There are some other cute color options here and here, but I went with this lovely tan option for a more practical look.

The fun thing about eShakti is that you have the option to use custom measurements! I gave the custom sizing a try, and the result = this jacket fits like a glove! I even got choose the length of the jacket, as well as the length of the sleeves. Basically, it's a jacket that consists of everything I love: longer in length, sleeves that go to the wrist, and it's fitted to my body shape instead of hiding me like a trash bag. I love it!

Plus, it's a spring jacket, which means that I can wear it when there's just a slight chill to the air without getting too hot. It's a warm look without making me feel too warm, and it's perfect for when this crazy Provo weather decides to switch to the colder side of spring. It even holds up in this dang snow, as long as I wear something cozy underneath and pile on the scarves and hats!

In other news, I make some weird faces when Doug takes pictures of me.

Let me prove it.

Okay, those aren't too weird. Those are just the ones that are acceptable to put on this blog, folks. Don't even get me started on double chins and a mouth that keeps gaping open awkwardly.

Of course, my simple little point-and-shoot doesn't help matters (DSLR, someday... *sigh...) and I really ought to find a camera-savvy blogger buddy and we can do photo shoots of each other or something. Until then, though, I'll keep forcing my poor hubby to take pictures of me. I know it's not his favorite thing, but at least he hasn't started openly protesting yet, right?! (Love you, hun)

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  1. I like the four buttons in front. And your faces aren't that weird.