Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Look, Don't Touch

I have a feeling that after we're done moving and I've unpacked everything, life will get very boring unless I decide to be proactive. I'm at an interesting point in my life, and I'll cover that in a different post, but the fact remains that I am a graduated college student with nothing to busy herself with at this point in time other than moving apartments, and so what in heavens name should I do until then?!

Well, let's see. I have a "pin-but-never-act" relationship with my Pinterest boards. So many cute projects that I just sit and stare at but never attempt. I look at the pictures but never advance to the "hands-on" stage.

I have an idea.
A mad, crazy idea.
Why don't I actually put my Pinterest boards to use!
Crazy idea, I know.
But there are some dang cute things on there, and I want to actually put my mind to work on some of these things.

Here are some of my top "must-try" picks for the summer (all pictures and links can be found on my Pinterest boards)

Re-purposed bottles (Doug and I don't drink, but empty Martinelli's bottles work!)

This birthday sign. How cute is it?! I mean...

Simple skirt. I admit, sewing scares me. At least, sewing something without a pattern scares me. This skirt is freehand. Think I can do it? Maybe?

Figure out cute ways to organize everything. Organization is something I need more of.

Cheesy Onion Pull-Apart Bread. Get in my belly.

Actually, everything on my food board can just get in my belly. And I've made a goal to try to start cooking actual meals more, instead of just popping pasta on the stove or slapping a grilled cheese sandwich together. And actually, I just need to cook more in general. Doug has had his turn.

There are many more things - flower vases, up-cycled furniture, wreaths - so I know I can find ways to keep myself entertained.

Meanwhile, we find out if Doug got into grad school sometime this month! That will determine whether we stay in our new apartment for a while or just until August. If he doesn't get in, then we'll be preparing to move north so he's closer to work and doesn't have a 40+ minute commute every time he goes up there. That's one of the many factors preventing me from settling in with a job or anything right now...

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  1. Sounds like a few things there to keep you busy! :) I have plenty here that could help lol :)