Monday, May 19, 2014

New Nest

As of last weekend, we officially moved into our new apartment! And as of this weekend, we finished deep-cleaning our previous apartment. Another chapter of our life has been closed. Wymount, it was fun while it lasted - but I do not regret leaving. (yet?)

This apartment is much bigger. No cinderblock. Air conditioning and ceiling fans. A dishwasher. And we still have a balcony (it faces the sunset!) and several big windows, which makes this apartment lighter on cloudy days than our Wymount apartment ever was on sunny days. It makes me happier already.

Meanwhile, I'll borrow a picture from Instagram: world, meet Clarissa Rose. Claire for short. She's only a couple weeks old and the cutest little niece a girl could ask for.

In addition to cuddling with that snuggle bug, I've written up a new schedule for myself so that I am sure to make the most of my time each day, and I discovered the wonderful magic of one-ingredient banana ice cream today. Yeah, it's just frozen bananas chopped down until they're smooth and creamy. And it's so good. Next time I make it, I'm adding in some chocolate and peanut butter flavors. All the healthiness of bananas and peanut butter, but it tastes like ice cream. Magic, I tell you. Magic.

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