Friday, June 27, 2014

happy yellow flowers

I'm sticking with my goal to figure out how to use my phone's camera better.
Here are some of my favorite (albeit low-quality) shots as I walked along the BYU River Trail today.

Those mountains. Gorgeous.

I'm still amazed at how beautiful this campus is. And have any of you BYU peeps been by the new Life Sciences building? The grounds are not done yet, but there will be waterfalls flowing right down the hill by that building. It is going to be so pretty.

Sometimes, all I need are some happy yellow flowers, a beautiful college campus (which I really miss sometimes) and the perfect, sunny, slightly warm and windy summer day to remind me that I have a very good life. I really enjoyed my walk to campus today (even though it was crawling with high-school-aged EFY kids) and it was just good for my soul.

I truly am blessed. I need to be sure to remember that more often.

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