Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To be amazing

I had a nice little post typed out about how I wish my life were more exciting (notice the cobwebs that have been present on this blog for the past year? I sure do) but then I found this quote. New life motto. Sure, I don't have as many fun things to blog about as my fellow bloggers do - but that's my fault. They are amazing because of hard work. If I want to be an amazing, fun, spontaneous, active person, then I have to make that choice myself and not just wait until the opportunities come knocking at my door.

First thing I want to work on: figuring out how to use my phone and my point-and-shoot to take the best pictures I can so that using the "I don't have a DSLR" excuse won't cut it anymore. I can't sit and wait for a fancy camera to come along before my photos start looking good. (Along with that, learn how to use Photoshop. It's just sitting here on my computer and I rarely ever use it. What a waste!)

I took this little picture during my walk on Monday, and I keep thinking of all the ways it could be better if I just took the time to learn how to optimize my camera-usage and my photo editing software.

Other ways I can work on being "amazing" and take control of how many adventures I have in my life:

1) Go outside more often. Adventure is out there!

2) Don't wait for friends to contact me; take initiative.

3) Do not depend on the hubby to suggest adventures. Too many have been turned down in the past for him to suggest as many of them now (sorry for that Doug) so take that initiative too!

4) Expand my repertoire of foods I am capable of making (and willing to make)... and share said food.

5) As I keep telling myself when I'm on Pinterest: "Don't just pin it, DO it!"

Five is good for now.

Meanwhile, we used two homegrown tomatoes with our dinner tonight. First ones we've gotten off our plant! If that isn't exciting, I don't know what is. We also have basil plant that we've used several times on pizza already. Yum. We need an oregano plant or something...

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