Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July - Kickin' with Carrie Underwood

One of the highlights of my 4th of July was getting to see my very favorite American Idol winner perform at the Stadium of Fire right here in Provo. She really is so gracious and happy, and is always classy with just the right touch of laid-back-country. Plus - she just has an amazing voice. Ah-maze-ing. Really.

And only in Utah could she sing "Jesus Take the Wheel" ending with "How Great Thou Art" and have such a large round of applause afterwards with everyone stomping their feet. I love that she's Christian and doesn't hide it.

Doug wasn't bopping around too much since he doesn't know any of Carrie's songs. He's not a country fan, but we got free tickets when we bought the new car... so we figured why not?! Plus, I definitely AM a Carrie fan and was singing along with everything.

And here's a shot of the stadium itself, I guess. It's a big event.

Of course, the whole show was fun - between the skydivers, Studio C, the singing, the awesome acrobatic superheros, and the huge fireworks show - but it was fun to see Carrie live.

Aside from Stadium of Fire, I got to eat some awesome food that wasn't BBQ - sweet pulled pork and rice on the 4th of July??!? YES please and thank you! I've had too many hot dogs and hamburgers this summer already. I also walked around all of the shops set up in the Downtown Provo area with Doug, my sisters-in-law, and nephew & niece.

They're just too cute.

And I know I've been saying it a lot recently, but I really do live in a beautiful place. Yes, Utah people are a little crazy sometimes, but Provo is so beautiful. I love having the mountains right next to us and YOU GUYS I'm already getting impatient for fall! Best. Season. Ever. It seems quite a bit closer now that we're on the other side of Independence Day.

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