Sunday, August 31, 2014

At the end of August

Happy last day of the month! And happy Sunday!

And, because I'm just in a munchies mood right now... cue one of the best snack combos ever. As long as the M&Ms are normal or peanut butter. Gah, just let me eat this every day!!!

I get to start teaching my 5th and 6th graders this week! Elementary school musical theatre?! YES please, how cute! We're going to put such a great production together.

Doug and I also scored a couple furniture items this week: a wood baby dresser/changing table combo and 4 wood chairs for our kitchen table. All are in great condition and we got them all for a really great price. I plan on painting the dresser white (we got the paint yesterday... this IS happening!) and re-upholstering the chairs because the seat cushions are a little outdated. Whoo hoo for more projects!

In any case... goodbye, August. This month definitely passed by quicker than July, and I'm sure September will be gone before I know it. And then October... and then November... eeeeek! Time keeps speeding up! Someone get me a time turner, pronto!

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