Monday, August 11, 2014

being spontaneous

Over the years I have heard again and again that you should continue to date your spouse throughout your marriage. Ya know, keep the relationship fresh and healthy. Doug and I are not the most spontaneous people, but we do make a point to do things together. I think we're realizing that our days of "spontaneous, child-free" dating are numbered, so we might take advantage of out-of-the-blue date night opportunities a little more. After all, it will get harder to be spontaneous when there's a third [very tiny and needy] human thrown in the mix.

So when Doug randomly suggested that we go up to Salt Lake City on Saturday afternoon, I readily agreed and we hopped in the car. Temple square, the mall, too much ice cream, playing with kittens at an adoption shelter (one climbed onto my lap to take a nap and I just wanted to keep her!!!) and totally getting our butts kicked on a mini golf course = just what the doctor ordered. Not to mention that chicken pesto panini from Kneaders, yum!

And once I had snapped a couple Temple Square pics I figured: what the heck, forget the camera. Except for those kittens. I had to get a couple pictures of them. So cute.

And in the words of my little sister when she texted Doug and he told her that we were on a date:

"How romantic!"

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